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Hyper Cell - (Free Shipping)

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Item #: RG121
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Roto Grip Hyper Cell Bowling Ball


The Cell was a lane-dominating superhero. I am Hyper Cell, the evolution of power, with my proven Nucleus™ Core and new 80H™ MicroBite™ coverstock. My purpose is to take your game to greatness and make you the hero.


Like all superheroes, I have incredible guts. My Nucleus™ Core, a gift from the Cell, gives me strength and the ability to dominate the lanes through continuous motion and unstoppable power. The pins should know better than to test me.


Part of being a hero is having tough skin capable of standing up to everything in your way. My 80H™ MicroBite™ coverstock is the strongest Roto Grip has ever developed and gives me unimaginable power. Even the oiliest conditions aren’t a problem for me.



My 2000-grit pad finish is one of the greatest weapons in my arsenal. Combine that with my Nucleus Core and 80H MicroBite coverstock and you’re dealing with heavy oil’s worst nightmare. So bring it on, heavy oil. You’re no match me.



Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
Coverstock: 80™ MicroBite™
Weight Block: Nucleus™ Core Solid
Ball Finish: 2000 grit pad
Ball Color: Purple/Yellow/Black
R.G. / Diff.: #14 - 2.57 / .046
#15 - 2.52 / .056
#16 - 2.52 / .048
Mass Bias Strength: #15 - .018
Durometer: 73 - 75 Rex D-scale
Flare: 7"+
Date Released: January 7, 2014


Average Rating: (based on 18 reviews)

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by garrett richardson
on 2/12/2015
Hyper Cell review by staffer Garrett Richardson
Hand: Left 
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 5 ¼ x 4 x 2 ¾ 

The Hyper Cell is drilled pin above bridge and Preferred Spin Axis 1 inch away from the thumb with a weight hole down. With the success of the original Cell core and the success of the Defiant micro bite cover I knew this was going to be hit and it is. The Hyper Cell is great on higher volume of oil for when I need to stand a lil more right and play an inside shot and still have the motion on the back end to get to the pocket this ball works great for that. Comparing it to the Defiant the Hyper Cell gives me 3 to 5 more boards of overall ball reaction than the Defiant due to the weight block and having more back end motion also. I can see the weight block wanting to turn over when it gets down lane close to the dry and when it does get to the dry it makes a strong yet smooth motion. If you loved the Defiant and the Cell in the past then you will for sure love the Hyper Cell.

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff 
Pinole Bowler’s Supply
by Mike Johnston
on 4/18/2014
Roto Grip Hyper Cell review Mike Johnston
I had my ball drilled with the pin down below the fingers. (25? X 4 ½ X 70? )This provided me with a strong midlane roll and a very effective continuous, backend! This ball gives me the hooking power and reaction I need on the longer oil patterns. 

The Nucleus core along with the Microbite technology coverstock gives me the look and the down lane reaction I am looking for. With this cover I don’t have to worry about the lanes getting burned up. This ball gets through the head and maintains its power all night long. What a great addition to the Defiant line and my arsenal. 

The Hyper Cell, Asylum, and UpRoar provides me with everything I need to handle most conditions.

Mike Johnston
Roto Grip Staff
by Tommy Gollick
on 4/7/2014
A real hook monster
The Hyper Cell is a combination of using the original Nucleus core that has an Rg of 2.52 and a differential of 0.056 with a PSA differential of 0.018 in 15lb balls; and the 80H Microbite cover that was on the Defiant, finished to 2000 grit abralon. The Hyper Cell really needs some oil in the front of the lane to get it moving in the correct direction with the box finish. A simple trip to the ball spinner for a coat of polish or a smoother surface will help if there isn’t enough oil on the lane to keep the Hyper Cell from slowing down too fast.
I choose to go with a 3¾ x6 ¼ x2 ½ layout to compliment the Asylum that I drilled up (4x6 ½ x2 ½). I wanted that true oil ball. I didn’t want a big backend reaction, and I didn’t want a ball that needed shined just to keep it from slowing down too fast even on oil. The 3 ¾” pin placement allows the ball to rev up, while the long PSA placement of 6 ¼” allows for a  longer transition in the hook phase of ball motion. Translation; I drilled for heavier, longer, slightly flatter from left to right patterns.  I used the Hyper Cell in a tournament that used the new 43 ft USBC team pattern. It was great on the fresh pattern. I kept my angles in front of me and moved in as the oil depleted.  I was then able to go to the Asylum as the pattern broke down in the front of the lane because of the righties moving left, into my lay down area. This ball would’ve been great had we bowled on the fresh for the match play portion, as I can see where it wanted to allow me to move in (15 minutes of practice with only a few people on the pair can tell you a lot), if there is oil to move into. A slight change of the hand position to create more downlane motion as the angles become steeper is really all that is required. 
The Hyper Cell is a strong cover and strong core ball. It likes oil. I can see players having success with this ball at nationals this year. The only issue I can see for me personally is because of the long PSA drill angle, I can get a little too much over under on the typical Abe Lincoln top hat house condition. If I drilled another Hyper Cell for that, I would go with a shorter PSA to PAP angle, so that the transition of the hook phase is faster, and a longer pin distance from PAP as well, to reduce the overall board coverage and hook potential. If you need a heavy oil ball, give the Hyper Cell a try. With cover modifications, you can use it on medium volume patterns, but I would recommend a different ball like an Up Roar for medium-light to dry lanes. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Roto Grip Hyper Cell.

Tommy Gollick
Storm/Vise regional staff player
by Louis Narvaez
on 4/3/2014
Hyper Cell Review - Louis Narvaez
Dual Angle: 40° x 4" x 40 
Storm VLS Conversion: 4 x 4 x 2.5

This Hyper Cell was drilled using my benchmark and favorite layout.  I had this layout on the Original Cell and decided not to change anything since I had so much success with that ball.  Out of the Box I decided to throw this ball on our Fresh house shot during league which is a 38 foot medium pattern.  

As expected this ball hooks a ton.  The best part about this ball is that it allows me to move as far left as I would like without losing its carry.  Many stronger (surface)balls begin to lose carry for me quickly as I being to move left on the house shot but the Hyper cell more than surprised in this department.  Even though this cover is very strong, it seems to resist burning up and has the ability to retain much more energy than other strong covers.  The ball hits like a truck with a very predictable shape.  

Surface Change:  I decided to shine the ball up so that maybe it would allow me to throw the ball in league without having to put it up so soon.  This allowed the ball to clear the front part of the lane with ease and once it was ready to make a left turn, LOOK OUT.  Although it still retains its Hard Arc shape, the ball retained so much more energy that I was throwing pins everywhere.  

Sport Pattern:  This ball with box surface had absolutely no problems cutting through the oil on a variety of patterns.  I have thrown this ball on WTB Paris 47Ft and the 2014 National Team Patterns.  The ball allows me to attack the lane in a variety of ways.  I was able to miss right and have the ball make it back to the pocket when no one else bowling with me was.  

The Hyper Cell is one of the most versatile, Strong Asymmetric balls I have ever thrown.  It provides all of the hook you could ever need but doesn't suffer from burning up as quickly as some stronger balls do.  Another great thing about this ball is the 80H MicroBite Cover Stock.  I have Shined up, Sanded and repeated this many times on this ball. The cover takes all of these changes very well and after many games this ball still hits and moves as well as it did on day 1.  

If you're looking for a strong ball that you can actually use this is the one to get.!!

Louis Narvaez
Storm/Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
by Brian Watson
on 4/1/2014
Roto Grip Hyper Cell review by Brian Watson
Roto Grip Hyper Cell

Right Handed
Rev Rate - 400
Speed - Medium
PAP - 4 up 1 1/4

   Roto Grip has brought back the Nucleus Core from the very popular Cell line.  They added a newer modern cover (80™ MicroBite).  Let me just say that this is a very strong rolling bowling ball.  I drilled mine 3 7/8 x 4 x 2 1/2 or 40 x 3 7/8 x 45.
The Hyper provides a strong motion with power and control.  Also gives you the continuous motion that the original cell was known for.  The Hyper is the strongest RG ball that I have thrown, very predictable and not flippy or angular at all.
The coverstock is very versatile.  I have used the Hyper with Storm Extra shine for league and I have used it with 2000 abralon for sport patterns with great success.
The Hyper is going to get a lot play at USBC's team event.  

Brian Watson
Storm/RG Pro shop staff
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