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Bowling Balls


Get the latest Mid Performance bowling balls. We have sorted all the bowling balls available by performance level so you can find with ease the ball you need. Mid Performance balls are usually average strength balls meant to be used on medium/heavy to medium oil patterns. These will be great for your THS (Typical House Shot) patterns or a great follow up to your high performance ball when it gets to strong or the lanes begin to burn up.
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Legion - (Closeout) - Free Shipping
Price: $139.95 $79.95 ends 5/31/2017
Legion Solid - (Closeout) - Free Shipping
Price: $139.95 $103.95 ends 5/31/2017
Vandal Smash - (Closeout) - Free Shipping
Price: $134.95 $111.95 ends 5/31/2017
Vandal - (Closeout) - Free Shipping
(1 review)
Price: $134.95 $129.95 ends 5/31/2017
Critical - (Closeout) - Free Shipping
(17 reviews)
Price: $129.95 $98.95 ends 5/31/2017
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