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Our Staff | Staff Members Wanted is expanding our bowling staff nationally. If you are a tournament bowler and would like to join our staff please send your bowling resume to, with the Subject Staff Application. We are offering bowling equipment to staff players at a discount and will supply CheapBowlingBalls merchandise free of charge.


Meet the staff members of See who works for us and how long. Learn who bowls for us and what there credentials are.

Jim Hilligas Jr.

Staffed By
Storm Bowling
Roto Grip

Home Town
Kettering, OH

Birth Date


300 Games

Jim Hilligas Jr. (Co-Owner & Co-Founder)

26 career 800 series with a high of 867

Bowling has been a huge part of my life since I was 4 year old and began youth bowling. During YABA, I won multiple tournaments and continued my bowling career in high school where I bowled on the varsity team for 4 years. I pursued my collegiate bowling career at Morehead State University, an A1 division school. I still bowl competitively and have won tournaments coast to coast, with my most notable accomplishment being The World Team Challenge Grand Nations in 2005. I have been in the proshop business since 2000.

In my off time from bowling, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my fiancé, Casey and my 11 year old daughter, Jazilyn. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, playing volleyball, playing pool, and fine dining. Drag racing is another hobby of mine and when I’m not racing you may find me at Eldora Speedily watching dirt car racing. When the weather is nice you can find me at our local golf courses. I enjoy staying busy and hanging out with friends.


  • Finished 42nd in Singles at the 2010 USBC Nationals
  • Personal High Average of 248 (99 games)
  • Bowled for Morehead State University from 1996-2000
  • 1st - Bowlers Action Tour - 1995
  • 1st - 700 Club Tournament - 2002
  • 1st - Shootout at the fort sweeper - 2004
  • 1st - West Virginia Sweeper, Galaxy Lanes - 2003
  • 1st - West Milton Shootout - 2003
  • 1st - PBA Sweeper - 2004
  • 1st - World Team Challenge Grand Championship - 2004
  • 1st - City Team Scratch/Handicapped - 2006
  • 1st - City Singles Scratch - 2007
  • 1st - City Mixed Team - 2009
  • 1st - City Mixed Team- 2011
  • 2011 Season Greater Dayton, OH - Bowler of the Year
  • 2011 1st Team All City
  • 1st - City Mixed Team - 2012 (Scratch & Handicap)
  • 2012 1st Team All City

Michael Hilligas

Home Town
Kettering, OH

Birth Date


Michael Hilligas  (Co-Owner & Co-Founder)

Mike has over 8 years experience in the Pro Shop industry and is the co-owner & co-founder of Mike is incharge of customer service, all technical aspecs of the website, and he is our product specialist.

Mike began bowling at the age of 5 in leagues and continued bowling in leagues and tournaments until 18. Mike bowled for his high school bowling team and participated in bi-weekly YABA tournaments. After a breif time away from bowling to focus on college he returned to bowl recreationally in leagues.

Currently Mike enjoys spending time with his family especially his 2 daughters ages 8 and 4. Mike is an assistant instructor in Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu and practices regularly at Meng's Martial Arts. He also enjoys traveling to foreign countries, cooking, going to food festivals, and staying active.



Nick Contreras

Home Town
Pass Christian, MS 

Birth Date


300 Games

Nick Contreras
 ( National Staff Member)

23 career 800 series with a high of 838

I was born in New Orleans, LA where I began bowling at a very young age as my entire family has been involved in the sport for decades. I Traveled often as a YABA bowler making almost all of the SSJBA events as well as state and other events held throughout the southeast. my best accomplishment as a youth would be Mississippi state scratch champion at 12 years old, or winning the Chris Wall memorial doubles. I have since relocated to Pass Christian, MS. I am a full time route driver for Pepsi-Cola and other time spent besides bowling is focused on college football (GEAUX TIGERS), and having parties with family and friends. I also enjoy listening to music, a good cigar, and playing texas hold-em.


  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Bowling Association (mgcba) record holder for most honor scores in a single season
  • 13-14 book average 239.7 (105 games) Cypress Lanes, D'Iberville, MS
  • House record 833 series Island Strikz bowling center Gulfport, MS
  • 2014 MS state champion
  • 2014 Gulf Coast USBC city champion
  • Double Diamond Invitational Gautier, MS 1st place team member
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Fall Classic D'Iberville, MS 1st place team member
  • 1st place Mothers day shootout Hammond, LA
  • Gulf Coast scratch bowlers tour 1st event champion
  • USBC bronze level certified coach
  • USBC registered youth volunteer

Brent Ritchie

Home Town
Madison, WI

Birth Date


300 Games

Brent Ritchie ( National Staff Member)

6 career 800 series with a high of 836

I was born and raised in Madison, WI and began my bowling career around age 6. A large majority of my family bowled competitively so it was inevitable that I would join that path of recreation. Began bowling multiple junior tournaments around age 10, culminating with participation in the Junior Gold National tournament in Dallas. I stayed in Madison for college where I bowled 4 years for the University of Wisconsin including an award for All-Conference. I am still living in Madison with my wife, Alison, and working at my alma mater performing grant management and accounting for the Department of Dairy Science. Outside of bowling I enjoy tennis, soccer, and University of Wisconsin athletics.


  • 2006 Wisconsin State Division 2 Team Champions
  • 2006-2007 Co-President of Wisconsin Collegiate Bowling Conference
  • 2007 Henry Hitter 3 Man Classic Champions (Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, Madison, WI)
  • 2011 Wisconsin State Division 1 Team Champions
  • 2012 Madison USBC Team Scratch Titlist
  • 2013 Madison USBC Team Scratch Titlist
  • 2013 Pick ‘Em Play ‘Em Challenge Tournament Champion (Super Bowl, Appleton, WI)
  • Finished 68th in doubles at 2014 USBC Open Championships (Reno, NV)
  • Runner-up in 2014 Madison Masters Tournament
  • Runner-up in 2014 Santa’s Match Play Tournament (Varsity Lanes, Milton, WI)
  • 2013-2014 First Team All-City
  • 2013-2014 High League Average of 242 (Dream Lanes, Madison, WI – 93 games)
  • 2014-2015 Second Team All-City Madison, WI

Jeff Sisson

Home Town
Marion. OH

Birth Date


300 Games

Jeffrey Sisson ( National Staff Member)

34 career 800 series with a high of 858

I started bowling when I was 4 years old. I bowled junior league as a child at Plaza Bowling Center Marion, Ohio as I grew I continued to bowl at those lanes until they burnt in 1998. I then started to bowl at Southland Lanes and Star Lanes in Marion. I also bowled junior league at Columbus Square Bowling Palace. As a child I qualified many times for the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Scholarship Tournament and also won first place. I was the youngest youth bowler in Marion to shot a 700. I still continue to bowl in Lexington Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and Marion Ohio. I tend to help out at my friends local pro shop. When I an not bowling I like to spend time with my wife and our 3 sons, help other kids that want to learn about the game of bowling, play softball, and go fishing.


  • Won multiple junior tournaments
  • Won Keystone Junior Tour in 1998
  • Won Pepsi Scholarship Tournament in 2002
  • 14 years old first 700
  • 18 years old first 300
  • 18 years old first 800
  • I was first person to shot a 800 at Blue Fusion Marion, Ohio
  • Most 800’s in one year in Marion County
  • Marion County All-Star team 2010-2014

Eddie Torrez

Home Town
Silver City, NM

Birth Date


300 Games

Eddie Joe Torrez ( National Staff Member)

3 career 800 series with a high of 821

Being only 30 years old bowling has been part of my life for 27 years. I remember my mom taking me to Sat. morning bowling to bowl YABA. Being from a very small town and a center with only 16 lanes participation was always an issue, ever since I can remember. The thrive for the sport has never left me and still to this day as I get older, it only gets stronger. When I am not at the lanes, you can probably catch me at the golf course working on my golf game. I also work in the IT field where I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in May 2009.


  • High average in 2 Bowling Centers 5+ years
  • Nominated for Las Cruces, NM USBC Hall of Fame for outstanding performance
  • Live TV coverage of win on Dec. 28, 2014 - Watch Video
  • El Paso, Texas City Team Champions – 2013 and 2014
  • 2008 - 2009 Men’s City Tournament - All Events Champion Scratch
  • 2009 - 2010 Men’s City Tournament - All Events Champion Scratch
  • 2010 - 2011 Men’s City Tournament - All Events Champion Scratch
  • 2011 - 2012 Men’s City Tournament - All Events Champion Scratch
  • 2013 - 2014 Men’s City Tournament - All Events Champion Scratch
  • Local NABI wins

Darius Colvin

Home Town
Dallas, TX

Birth Date


300 Games

Darius Colvin ( National Staff Member)

5 career 800 series with a high of 821

I was born in Dallas, TX and began bowling when I was 5 years of age. During my time as youth I won multiple tournaments my one of my biggest being singles in State for Texas. My biggest accomplishment of all as youth was bowling the first 300 in Texas high school competition while I was on varsity in 9th grade and averaging 242. After high school I went on to play college football at Southwestern University of Winfield Kansas while I continued to bowl competitively. I later joined the United States Air Force and I am still currently in the Air Force. While I'm not at work I enjoy time with my family. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and when I'm not doing either of those I'm bowling. If you don t find me in the woods, lake, or the bowling alley then you can smell my grill cooking as I love bbq.


  • 246 (Highest Sanction average) 2013-2014
  • 300's (8 sanctioned) 20 total
  • 800's (5 sanctioned) 14 total
  • 4th place Tulsa Open (singles)
  • 4th place Tulsa Open (series)
  • 1st place Rocks Scratch Wichita, KS
  • Many Youth accomplishments
  • Small tournament wins in Oklahoma and Kansas

Mike Pucino

Home Town
Seneca Falls, NY

Birth Date


300 Games

Mike Pucino ( National Staff Member)

4 career 800 series with a high of 813

Mike has been bowling for 22 years and lives in Seneca Falls, NY. He has over 5 years of experience in the Pro Shop industry and has a double major in Accounting and Psychology with a minor in Physics from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Mike is a Bronze level certified coach.

In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, viewing current movies, and helping others young and old in my community.


  • Wild Irish Rose Singles Champion (2013)
  • Wild Irish Rose Team Champion (2013)
  • 2 time Garbage Bowl Champion
  • 4 Amateur Bowler Tour titles
  • 5 time Sunset Bowl Sweeper Champion
  • 5th place singles finish in Lilac City Tournament (2014)
  • 1st Annual Holiday Open Champion (2014)
  • John Ayers Memorial Tournament Runner Up (2014)
  • 1st place Al White Memorial Doubles Tournament (2014)
  • Multiple Youth titles

Robert Damadeo

Home Town
Leland, IL

Birth Date


300 Games

Robert J. Damadeo ( National Staff Member)

1 career 800 series with a high of 803

I have been bowling competitively for over 12 years. Since junior leagues, I have been in love with the technique, the game itself, and the operations of the lane machines. During my sophomore year of high school, my bowling coach noticed my talent and put me on the varsity team. I led the varsity team for the next three years and won the most valuable player award all three years. During college, I entered local collegiate tournaments where I placed first out of 45 people twice. In my adult career, I have won numerous king of the hill tournaments and have placed first in league every season. My greatest accomplishment was winning a triple elimination tournament on a sport shot pattern. I bowl in ABT tournaments as much as possible along with city, state, and of course, nationals.

I have also picked up the hobby of laying out bowling balls and plugging and redrilling them for my customers. Since my bowling alley does not have a pro shop, I have made it my duty to my fellow bowling peers to help them out as much as possible. Other hobbies of mine include building and fixing computers, hiking, four wheeling, and playing baseball.


  • 2013 Triple Elimination Champion
  • 3- King of the Hill 1st Place Finishes in 2014
  • 1st Place Finish in Community Twosome Tournament (Youth League)
  • MVP High School Sophomore to Senior Year
  • 1st Place Finish in Valparaiso University's Annual Collegiate Mens Tournament 2007 and 2010

Nick Evans

Home Town
Youngstown, OH

Birth Date


300 Games

Nick Evans ( National Staff Member)

45 career 800 series with a high of 848

Pretty much from the time I was ready to go to school I was in a bowling alley. My mother and other family members were avid bowlers, so I bowled a lot when I was younger. I joined my first league as a jr when I was 14 years old. It quickly became something I loved and wanted to get better at. Every opportunity I had to bowl I did whether it was league tournament or practice. I even worked in bowling alleys through high school. I joined my first adult league at the age of 18 in 1997. Bowling as many nights of the week as I could and tournaments every week and I still do it today. The passion is always there. I have a full time job working in steel distribution and when I'm not working I am either with family or friends. Have a younger sister mom and 3 nephews who love to bowl also. I catch them and take them bowling whenever I can. I just love the game and the challenges it brings and have since the day I picked up my very first ball.


  • 1st KJBT tournament (1996 & 1997)
  • 1st Youngstown City Tournament - Team (2003)
  • 2nd Youngstown City Tournament -Singles (2003)
  • 1st Youngstown City Tournament - Singles (2011)
  • 2nd Youngstown City Tournament - All Events (2011)
  • 1st Ace Mitchell Jr/Sr Tournament (2013)
  • 2nd Ohio Inter City Tournament - All Events (2014)
  • 1st Black Friday Put Up Or Shut Up Tournament
  • 5th Lex Lanes Team Baker Tournament (2014)
  • 2nd Jr/Jr/Sr Colonial 77 Lanes Tournament (2014)
  • 5th Ohio State Tournament - All Events (2014)