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Item #: RG123
Reg. Price: $129.95
Our Price: $82.55
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Roto Grip Uproar Bowling Ball


There’s a brief moment of silence between the time I’m released and when I hit the pocket. It’s a time of reflection… tranquility… serenity. But a split second later, all hell breaks loose. The pins crash, my teammates cheer and my competitions’ egos crumble. Someone grab a mop. Things are about to get messy.


I bring the crowd to its feet and my competition to its knees. My Late Roll 51™ core – the same core found in the Rumble™ – has good length and strong downlane motion that makes my opponents shake with nervous anticipation, all without blowing the budget.


My 51ML™ Pearl Reactive Coverstock allows me to easily clear the front part of the lane and gives me more stored energy down lane. Just when they think I’ve gone too far… BOOM! Lights out!



While my opponents are trying to figure out how to battle too much hook on the front end, the combination of my Late Roll 51™ core and brand new 51ML™ Pearl Reactive coverstock gives me more length and down-lane recovery than ever before in the HP2™ lineup. Medium/light oil conditions? I’m the one you’re looking for.



Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: 51ML™ Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Late Roll 51™ Core
Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Orange Pearl/Ruby Pearl
R.G. / Diff.: #14 - 2.60 / .030
#15 - 2.55 / .030
#16 - 2.54 / .030
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-scale
Flare: 4-5" (Med/High)
Date Released: January 7, 2014


Average Rating: (based on 18 reviews)

Showing 1 - 5 of 18 Reviews:

by garrett richardson
on 2/12/2015
Uproar by staffer Garrett Richardson
Hand: Left 
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 4 ¼ x 4 ¾ x 4 5/16

The Uproar is drilled 1 ½ inch down from ring finger and cg out with a weight hole down with 3000 abralon. When I first rolled it shined up it was a little too long for me and not much down lane motion, but once I put surface on it the ball came to life but still had the same motion as far as the length when it was polished but an earlier read in the mid lane and smoother transition down lane.

I use the uproar when the lanes break down usually after a fresh house shot pattern. When its on more of a fresh pattern I have to stand left and go up the boards until the transition hits then I can move more right. Right now the uproar has been a popular ball for the bowlers who need length with a more controlled back end and not much snap. For a medium to dry lane ball this ball hits like a truck! Great job Roto Grip once again! 

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff 
Pinole Bowler’s Supply
by Tony Reynaud
on 5/7/2014
Great Ball even Better Value
RELEASE DATE: 01/07/14

My layout: 4 3/8 x 5 1/8 x 2
My PAP: 4 1/2 over 1 1/4 up

If you go back and read some of my other reviews you will see that I have a strong tendency to really like solid coverstock balls. You will also notice that I haven’t given many strong reviews on pearls and hybrids. Therefore when I tell you that I have a high opinion on the Uproar from Roto Grip it should really mean something to you.

As I said in the past I am not a big skip/flip type of guy. I like archy ball motions, and I don’t get that with many pearls or hybrids. The Uproar really rolls well for me and became part of my tournament bag very quickly. I don’t get that big skid /flip reaction, and yet the ball does make a very good controllable move in the back part of the lane and accelerates through the pocket. 

Being that it is a pearl ball I also never have any trouble getting it down the lane. The ball really works well for me when I need to ball down due to transition, The fact that it doesn’t skid/flip, and just archs for me, helps me play the right part of the lane, therefore avoiding the under over reaction I get with most pearls. 

What amazes more about the Uproar from Roto Grip is it very low price point. I feel you get so much ball for your money that the Uproar should be part of everyone’s arsenal. It will be very hard to go wrong with the Uproar from Roto Grip. The Uproar therefore gets my highest rating. 
by Mike Johnston
on 4/18/2014
Roto Grip UpRoar review Mike Johnston
I tested my UpRoar on my 39-foot house shot. The 1500-polished pearl finish worked well for this condition. I pushed the ball to the dry area to gain some friction. 

My UpRoar is drilled with the pin up above the fingers and a dual thumb hole layout.. I wanted to have a ball that would compliment my Deranged and have a nice skid flip reaction. This ball produced about 3-5 inches of flare. The ball skidded nicely through the heads as I played just inside the oil line skidding out to the dryer boards. Once the ball encountered some friction, it revved up nicely and made a pronounced move to the pocket. ?As with all Roto Grip balls, it drove through the pin deck. 

The UpRoar has a very predictable reaction, and with the 2.55 RG and .042 differential makes it a great addition for the lower rev medium speed league player who needs the extra length from the polished cover when the lanes begin to breakdown. 

What I enjoyed the most about this ball is the late breaking skid flip reaction. It produced a nice dramatic hook to the pocket and devastated the pins. What a fun ball to throw.

The UpRoar is a nice go to ball for the league bowler and is good compliment to the Deranged and Asylum. This ball will make a nice addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Mike Johnston
Roto Grip Staff
by Louis Narvaez
on 4/8/2014
Roto Grip UpRoar - Louis Narvaez Jr.
Layout 55 x 4 1/2 x 70.

I drilled this ball using a 55 x 4 1/2 x 70 dual angle layout.  This puts the pin below my ring finger with the cg kicked out.  After throwing this ball for the first time all I could say is WOW!  Even with this layout the UpRoar made an amazing move off the spot.  On the house shot I could move as far left as I wanted and this ball would get down the lane and go left.  

When I drilled this ball I was under the impression that I would be able to begin moving back to the right when things broke down.  The great thing about the UpRoar is that I really do not have to move right.  If I am throwing a stronger piece of equipment and it just becomes overly aggressive, the UpRoar allows me to stay in the same spot and keep on going. 

Here is an example.  I was throwing a Hyper Cell at 3000 grit.  After about a game the Cell was just too much ball.  I decided to move right and throw the UpRoar.  First ball BOOM Solid 9 pin.  After a few frames I was throwing the UpRoar from the same spot as the Hyper Cell and it was great.  

The UpRoar pushes down the lane with ease.  Don't let the HP2 rating fool you because this ball does move.  If you are looking for a ball to use later in blocks or if you have problems getting some of the more aggressive balls to get down the lane this is a ball you should consider.  

OOB surface on the UpRoar is 1500 Polished.  The UpRoar did roll good with this surface but seemed to go  a little bit long for me.   I hit the ball with a 2000 grit pad to get rid of some of the polish and this ball came to life for me.  It also made this ball very forgiving. 

Louis Narvaez Jr.
Storm/RG Pro Shop Staff
by Elliott Askey
on 4/8/2014
Roto Grip UpRoar
Elliott Askey
Ball Speed: 18 mph
Rev Rate: 450+
PAP: 5x1 up

Does a ball ever just tell you to drill it? I had originally planned on waiting to drill my UpRoar until around May for when I go to Nationals. Well, the UpRoar sat on my pro shop shelf for 2 days before I could not withstand the urge to drill it! So I am comparing core and cover numbers with other releases and decide to drill it similar to my IQ Tour Fusion. What a great choice indeed. The ball is drilled with a 5x4 pin up, and it roars down lane. It is a great compliment to the Fusion. It is extremely forgiving and has plenty of recovery left in the tank when I send her a little wide. I messed with the surface just to see how durable the 51 ML Pearl cover was. At 4000, it was an extremely smooth and predictable roll. I believe this is how I am going to leave it for Nats so that I can control the breakpoint. At 2000, well, it wanted a little more oil than I was seeing on our 39 ft THS. The UpRoar is a great benchmark piece that will fill that mid level performance hole you have in your bag!
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