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You might not be traveling the world, racking up prize money, and loading up your walls with trophies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ditch those house shoes and step up to your very own pair of comfortable and stylish Kicks. Designed for anyone who wants to take the lanes in their own bowling shoes, these durable and affordable Kicks are built for years of fun and enjoyment.

Fun new print on a TPU material which will increase comfort and breathability.

Raised Kick heel for tradition bowling shoe look in a market leading entry level price.

  • Universal slide sole.
  • Firm support heel.
  • Sizes: 6-10, 11
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberSK1100
ColorWhite / Multi
Shoe WidthWomen's Regular (B)
Slide SoleBoth Feet
Shoe StyleClassic
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Return period60 days
Exchange period30 days

Women's Shoe Size
How to measure your size at home?

When measuring your shoe size at home, you’ll need the following items: Two pieces of paper larger than your foot, Tape, Writing utensil, Ruler.

Before taking your measurement, put on the socks you plan on wearing with your bowling shoes. It’s also recommended to wait until the end of the day, when your foot is at its widest point.

1. Tape the paper on the floor with one end against a wall.

2. Put your foot on the paper with your heel against the wall.

3. Trace the outline of your foot.

4. Measure the longest and widest parts of your outline using the ruler.

5. Repeat with your other foot.

Write down your measurements in inches. You’ll want to use the measurement of your larger foot to find the correct size.

Disclaimer: This guide is subject to personal preference and serves as a general guideline only. Be aware this chart is not perfect and shoe sizes may vary by brand.


U.S. Women's Shoe SizeLength In InchesRegular Width B (Inches)Wide Width D (Inches)
58 11/16"3 3/16"3 9/16"
5.58 13/16"3 1/4"3 5/8"
69"3 5/16"3 11/16"
6.59 3/16"3 3/16"3 3/4"
79 5/16"3 7/16"3 13/16"
7.59 1/2"3 1/2"3 7/8"
89 11/16"3 9/16"3 15/16"
8.59 13/16"3 5/8"4"
910"3 11/16"4 1/16"
9.510 3/16"3 3/4"4 1/2"
1010 5/16"3 13/16"4 3/16"
10.510 1/2"3 7/8"4 1/4"
1110 11/16"3 15/16"4 5/16"
11.510 13/16"4"4 3/8"
1211"4 1/16"4 7/16"
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3G Women's Kicks Splash
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