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Information Regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19


We just wanted to touch base with our customers to let them know what we are doing in the midst of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

First, we are open for business as normal for both internet orders and phone support as well as still shipping from 3 of our 10 warehouse locations. Our current open warehouses are located in Florida, Nevada and Washington. Please anticipate the possibility of extra time for delivery of your products.

Second, we have been ordered to shelter in place by our governor in Ohio until April 6th. Luckily we have prepared for this by making all of our systems able to work from either our office or our homes. We have also designed a network of warehouses throughout the country to give us the ability to serve you faster and more efficiently. 8 of our warehouses are still open and operating as normal.

We do have a few suppliers that have been temporarily shut down as well, we are still accepting orders for these products but they will not be shipped until the business has been given the ok to resume normal operations by their local government. Currently Innovative, Vertex and OnTheBall are effected by state mandated closures until April 6th as of now, this may change.

We want all our valued customers to know that we are doing everything in our power to support a safe work and shipping environment for our employees and customers. We are practicing extra cleaning regimens as well as social distancing of our employees. Our employees have been given the freedom to decide if they feel safe to come to work or not and all employees who feel ill are required to stay home.

Shipping/delivery delays - Currently we are shipping as normal from 8 warehouses but we know some states with shelter in place orders are halting/delaying UPS and USPS deliveries, each state and organization is handling this differently so its hard for us to describe every situation here. Please check your states Health Department for Covid-19 updates and information regarding how your state is handling the pandemic.

To recap:

1.Even if one or more of our locations is shut down, we will continue to serve our customers from those still open. We maintain a redundant system that allows for each of our ten locations to function independently of each other.

2.If one or more of our distribution centers is forced to close temporarily we will still be able to fulfill your orders from one of those left open – it may take a day or two longer for the speed of delivery you are used to but I would imagine everyone involved will understand.

3.To keep the phone lines open our customer support members are working from home.

4.Our employees are free to stay home if they do not feel safe coming to work.

5.If our employees have a fever and chest congestion they are required to stay home – if they come to work, they will be sent home.

6.I strongly suggest you use our ecommerce system. It is fantastic – and it does not get sick. Typically 95% of our orders come over ecommerce so you can see it is an overwhelming favorite of many of our customers.

As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community. We are here to support our customers and the bowling industry as a whole. If you need anything please do not hesitate to reach out to us!