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Tech Center For Bowling Info |

Welcome to our Tech Center. Here you will find technical information relating to Bowling Ball Videos, Drilling Instructions, Educational information, Honor Scores, Retired Bowling Ball information and Definitions of bowling terms.
Watch Bowling Ball Videos. See the bowling ball you want in action before you buy it. Most manufacturers are producing short vidoes to demostrate the intended bowling ball reaction. We have them all here for you to compare.
Helpful bowling definitions and terms. Learn the lingo or what ball specifications really mean. Get the bowling information you have been looking for, right here. There is no quicker way to imporove you game than to understand your bowling balls better. Remember knowledge is power.
Can't find those pesky drilling instructions? Maybe your ball didnt come with them. Get the needed info to drill your bowling ball properly. We have drilling instructions available for all major bowling ball brands.
We want you to be informed, so here is where you can find some detailed information about things like Pin Placements, Top Weights, Maintaining Bowling Ball Reactions and Why Balls Crack. Check back often as we will be adding new info here periodically.
Did you shoot an amazing game, series, or place in a recent tournament. Feel like bragging a little bit. Then click the Add Honor Score button and we will post your score, series or tournament results for the world to see.
Looking for info on an old ball? Do you need to compare the old bowling ball you have with a new one you are looking to purchase. Get the technical specs here. This section is for information purpose only. Items are no longer available for sale.