Genesis Evolution Bowling Ball Cleaner Assortment (12) 4 oz. Bottles

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This package has been put together to give you a sample of all our best cleaners. You will receive 3 bottles of each of our Evolution 4 oz bottle cleaners. (3 Hydro, 3 Maxx, 3 Intense and 3 Refresh).

Evolution Hydro - All Purpose Bowling Ball Cleaner (3 - 4 oz Bottles).

Evolution Hydro™ is our all purpose ball cleaner. While being the mildest cleaner in the Evolution™ line, it still has the power to clean most any contaminants from the surface of your ball. Dirt, oil, scuff or belt marks? No problem. The gentle, low odor, water based formula stays wet longer, aiding in the break down of tough to clean spots on the surface of your ball. Giving you an effective way to clean your ball mid-competition, when other cleaners just aren't allowed.

Evolution Maxx - Extra Strength Bowling Ball Cleaner (3 - 4 oz Bottles).

Evolution Maxx™ is our bad boy solvent based ball cleaner. We call it "Extra Strength" just because it's stronger than our other cleaners. Truth is, it just might be the strongest cleaner on the market! Except nicks, gouges, or cracks, this cleaner is guaranteed to remove any contaminant from the surface of the ball. The solvent base effortlessly penetrates deeper than traditional water based cleaners, then quickly evaporates to lift and expel lane oils from the surface. Strictly not for use during sanctioned competition, this cleaner is sure to become a legend!

Evolution Intense - Tack Restoring Bowling Ball Cleaner (3 - 4 oz Bottles).

This is no one trick pony. It's an intense one-two punch that will clean your ball and give it a performance "kick" you never knew it had. The advanced water based, tack restoring formula of Evolution Intense™ will easily break down dirt and oils, lifting them away with a slight foaming action. While this is going on, our special tack agents begin to work their magic on the coverstock's surface. Giving you a clean, fresh and tacky surface that's ready to grip the lane. One use, and you'll be hooked on your balls more intense reaction.

Evolution Refresh - Deep Cleansing Ball Wash Concentrate (3 - 4 oz Bottles).

Over the years there have been many attempts and gimmicks to try and "rejuvenate" your ball. From the ill-advised baking method, to kitty litter, to using common dish soap in a bath. The problem with these methods is that while they may be successful at extracting some of the bad stuff, they also extract and remove the "good oils" in your ball. Mainly the plasticizers. To remedy this, we have developed Evolution Refresh™ ball wash concentrate. Our approach was to use many of the same ingredients used in today's lane cleaners. Products that are specifically designed to clean and emulsify dirt and lane oils! The result is a safe, new way to extract and wash away all the deep down dirt and oil, while not harming your ball's coverstock material. If your ball has experienced a loss in performance over time, then maybe it's time to Refresh™!

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Manufacturer Part NumberGENEVO-4-DOZ
Cleaner TypeCleaner
Size(12) 4 oz. Bottles - 3 Of Each
Return period60 days
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Genesis Evolution Bowling Ball Cleaner Assortment (12) 4 oz. Bottles
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