Genesis Evolution Hydro 32 oz. Refill Bowling Ball Cleaner

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  • Removes surface oil, dirt and scuff marks.
  • Reduces & prevents oil build-up.
  • Helps maintain ball reaction.
  • Stays wet longer, aiding in dirt and oil break down.
  • Safe for use on all ball types.

Genesis Evolution Hydro Spray Top Bowling Ball Cleaner

Introducing the Genesis Evolution Hydro™, your go-to all-purpose bowling ball cleaner that's a game-changer in the world of bowling equipment maintenance. This water-based formula ensures your ball's surface stays cleaner, promoting a better game every time.


  • Ultimate Cleaning Power: Evolution Hydro™ is specially designed to remove surface oil, dirt, and scuff marks effortlessly, ensuring your bowling ball looks and performs its best.
  • Oil Build-Up Prevention: Say goodbye to frustrating oil build-up. Our cleaner effectively reduces and prevents it, extending the lifespan of your ball.
  • Enhanced Ball Reaction: With regular use of Evolution Hydro™, your ball's reaction on the lane remains consistent, giving you the edge you need to excel in the game.
  • Prolonged Wetness: Thanks to its gentle, low-odor, water-based formula, this cleaner stays wet longer. This aids in the breakdown of tough-to-clean spots on the ball's surface, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • Universal Compatibility: Evolution Hydro™ is safe for use on all types of bowling balls, making it a versatile choice for bowlers of all levels.

Whether you're dealing with dirt, oil, scuff marks, or belt marks, Evolution Hydro™ rises to the occasion. It's the ideal solution for cleaning your bowling ball during competitions when other cleaners just aren't allowed.

Elevate your game with the Genesis Evolution Hydro™ Spray Top Bowling Ball Cleaner. Experience the difference today!

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Manufacturer Part NumberGENHYD32R
Cleaner TypeCleaner
Bottle Size32 oz.
Return period60 days
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Genesis Evolution Hydro 32 oz. Refill Bowling Ball Cleaner
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