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  • Excel Classic 1 - Fastest Release
  • Excel Classic 2 - Medium / Fast
  • Excel Classic 3 - Medium
  • Excel Classic 4 - Medium / Slow
  • Excel Classic 5 - Slow

Genesis Excel Classic Performance Tape


Wear it on your thumb or fingers to adjust fit, control release speed, and protect skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions.

  • Can be layered for an exact fit.

Excel Classic 1 - Fastest

Our thinnest performance tape also happens to be the quickest releasing tape in the Excel™ line. It features a quality synthetic material that has a fine knit weave for a smooth, almost silky, feel. Plus, the extra thin profile gives it the most stretch in either direction. If you like a quicker than normal release, you'll have no hang ups here.

  • Fastest release.
  • Extra thin profile.
  • Synthetic dual stretch material.
  • Color / Material - Red / Synthetic.
  • Texture / Release - Fine, smooth weave / Fastest release.

Fitting - 2 (Our thinnest material comes in handy for swelling or for really dialing in a fit when layering.)
Protection - 4 (Don't let the thin material fool you! Any Excel™ Performance Tape has you covered for protection.)
Release - 5 (The higher the number, the faster the release... and this "1" tops the charts for speed!)

Excel Classic 2 - Medium / Fast

Excel™ 2 has a release speed that is close to, if not slightly quicker than, bare skin. It has a smooth feel to its medium weave pattern, and is a step up in both thickness and texture from Excel™ 1. If you are looking more for protection and fit from your tape, without a drastic change to your release speed, then blue is for you.

  • Medium-Fast release.
  • Thin profile.
  • Synthetic dual stretch material.
  • Color / Material - Blue / Synthetic.
  • Texture / Release - Medium weave / Closest to bare skin.

Fitting - 3 (For fitting purposes, Excel™ 2 is a great middle ground for versatility.)
Protection - 4 (Don't let the thinner material fool you! Any Excel™ Performance Tape has you covered for protection.)
Release - 4 (Though on the faster side for release speed, this one is actually very close to bare skin.)

Excel Classic 3 - Medium

Excel™ 3 is the thickest of the three synthetic tapes, yet provides a medium release speed for the line. It will be slightly slower than bare skin, and has a tighter weave pattern with a soft, almost fuzzy, feel. A very "middle of the road" style for fit and release, yet it offers a high level of protection.

  • Medium release.
  • Thick profile.
  • Synthetic dual stretch material.
  • Color / Material - Purple / Synthetic.
  • Texture / Release - Tight, fuzzy weave / Slightly delayed.

Fitting - 5 (Excel™ 3 is the Thickest of the synthetic materials... and the softest feel too!)
Protection - 5 (Thick and soft, for the maximum amount of protection.)
Release - 3 (Excel™ 3 reaches the middle of the road with a slightly slower than bare skin release speed.)

Excel Classic 4 - Medium / Slow

Excel™ 4 is a cotton tape with a medium weave that is similar to Excel™ 2 in appearance, but with a much thicker profile. You will notice a slower release speed due to the higher friction material, but the protection is outstanding. The combination of thickness and weave pattern make this a great "base" option for layering tape.

  • Medium-Slow release.
  • Medium profile.
  • Cotton single stretch material.
  • Color / Material - Orange / Cotton.
  • Texture / Release - Medium weave / Slower release.

Fitting - 4 (Excel™ 4 is the Goldilocks of fitment! Just the right texture and weave for layering or a quick fit.)
Protection - 5 (The medium weave has just the right thickness for total protection.)
Release - 2 (With the cotton material comes slower release speeds. A popular choice for those that tend to squeeze the ball.)

Excel Classic 5 - Slow

Our thickest tape has a loose weave pattern and coarse texture that will noticeably slow down your release speed. Its feel is soft, but coarse enough that we don't even print our logos on it. Excel™ 5 is best chosen for its release speed more than for its maximum level of fit and protection.

  • Slow release.
  • Extra thick profile.
  • Cotton single stretch material.
  • Color / Material - Aqua / Cotton.
  • Texture / Release - Loose, coarse weave / Slowest release.

Fitting - 5 (When it comes to fit, this one tips the scales! It's better to choose Excel™ 5 for it's slow release speed than layering for fit.)
Protection - 5 (It's almost like having armor on your skin. The protection is outstanding!)
Release - 1 (S l o w a n d s t e a d y . . . you'll feel the drag here.)

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Manufacturer Part NumberGENXPT
Size2.75” x 1” (7 cm x 2.54 cm)
Units40 Pieces Per Pack
Return period60 days
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Genesis Excel Classic Performance Tape
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