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  • Raise the height of the heel of your bowling shoes.
  • Sold in a pair.
  • Use both on one shoe, or one on each shoe.

Elevate Your Game with Dexter Bowling Shoe Heel Shim - Raise Heel Height Seamlessly

Looking to enhance your bowling performance to the next level? Introducing the Dexter Bowling Shoe Heel Shim – your ultimate solution for precision and adaptability. Crafted with innovation and designed for excellence, this heel shim is a game-changer in the world of bowling accessories.

Key Features:

  • Height Enhancement: The Dexter Heel Shim empowers you to fine-tune your game by effortlessly raising the heel height of your Dexter shoes. Unlock new levels of control and balance on the lanes.

  • Velcro Secure: Engineered with precision, this heel shim boasts Velcro on both sides, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. Simply affix it to your shoe, and the Velcro will grip your shoe and the desired heel with unmatched stability.

  • Customization Made Easy: Elevate your game while keeping comfort and style intact. With the Dexter Heel Shim, you can easily increase your heel height to find the perfect elevation for your bowling technique.

  • SST Compatibility: This innovative accessory is compatible with any SST shoe that features interchangeable heels. Enjoy versatile compatibility and take your bowling experience to the pinnacle of perfection.

How It Works:

Experience the magic of the Dexter Bowling Shoe Heel Shim in three simple steps:

  1. Heel Removal: Safely remove your current heel from your Dexter shoe, creating a clean slate for customization.

  2. Shim Attachment: Place the Heel Shim onto the bottom of your shoe. The dual Velcro sides ensure a snug and secure fit.

  3. Heel Affixing: Gently attach your desired heel onto the top of the Heel Shim. The Velcro technology ensures a strong connection, allowing you to bowl with confidence and poise.

Unleash Your Potential:

Sold in a convenient pair, the Dexter Bowling Shoe Heel Shim offers versatility and value. Use both shims on a single shoe for maximum elevation or apply one on each shoe for balanced control. Elevate your performance and experience the difference with every stride.

Upgrade your game with the Dexter Bowling Shoe Heel Shim today and witness the transformation in your bowling prowess. Achieve new heights, strike after strike.

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Manufacturer Part NumberPD850
ManufacturerH.H. Brown
Return period60 days
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Dexter Heel Shim
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