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Storm is excited to expand upon the original Power Glove™ with the new POWER PLUS™, the ground-breaking 3-in-1 model which features four (up from three) different palm pads to perfectly customize your feel, adds a remove-able support bar to lock your wrist into position, and augments an elastic wrist wrap for complete support.

3 different sized pads included: Small - 7/16", Medium - 1/2", Large - 5/8

  • Durable Construction
  • Long lasting construction

3-in-1 design that can be used:

  • With or without the metal support bar
  • With varying levels of tension on the Velcro® strap to customize feel
  • Adjusting foam pads, and all-new gripper pad, with varying thickness levels that change your release and ball roll
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberACPP
ColorRed / Black
SizeRH or LH - S, M, L & XL
Return period60 days

Storm Glove & Wrist Brace Size Chart
How to measure your hand size?

1. Place end of tape measure at the crease in your wrist and measure 4" up forearm then make a mark.

2. At the 4" mark, measure the circumference around your forearm. This will be your "Forearm" measurement.

3. At the widest part of your palm, measure your hand circumference. This will be your "Hand Circumference" measurement.

4. Using the measurements found above, use the grid below to find the wrist devise size suited for you.

Disclaimer: This guide is subject to personal preference and serves as a general guideline only.

Storm wrist support size guide

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Storm Power Plus Glove
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