Storm Bowling Ball Finishing Compound

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Pro Shop Finishing Compound is best used on a ball spinner.

Step 1 gets deeper scratches and skuffs out while applying a small amount of shine to the surface.

  • Step 1 has the highest sanding agent to polish ratio.
  • Polish between 220 and 800 grit.

Step 2 is exactly what is used at the factory for Storm's shiny reactive balls. Storm has made this available to the public so bowlers can repeat the resurfacing guidelines on their own equipment.

  • Step 2 also removes a moderate amount of scratches and skuff marks on any ball.
  • Polish between 320 and 1500 grit.

Step 3 has the highest polish to sanding agent ratio of the compounds and removes light scratches.

  • Step 3 brings the ball to a higher luster when used on a ball spinner.
  • Polish between 1500 and 2500 grit.
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Manufacturer Part NumberCHS1Q
Cleaner TypeCompound
Cleaner Size32 oz.
Return period60 days
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Storm Bowling Ball Finishing Compound
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