3G Replacement Slide Sole Cleats

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  • #1 Teflon - Most Slide.
  • #2 Felt - Lots Of Slide.
  • #3 Chrome Leather - More Slide.
  • #4 Deer Skin Leather - Normal Slide.
  • #5 Oiled Leather - Less Slide.
  • #6 Backskin Leather - Least Slide.

Fine-tune Your Slide with Ease

Upgrade your bowling game with the revolutionary 3G Replacement Slide Sole Cleats. Designed to provide the utmost control and precision, these cleats allow you to achieve the exact slide consistency you desire. Whether you're a professional bowler seeking perfection or an enthusiastic hobbyist looking to enhance your performance, our slide sole cleats are here to deliver unparalleled results.

With our 3G Replacement Slide Sole Cleats, you have the freedom to mix and match different cleat materials according to your preferences. Each pack contains 7 cleats, ensuring that you have an ample supply to optimize your bowling experience. Explore the various options available and discover the perfect combination that suits your unique playing style.

  1. Teflon - Unleash the Most Slide: Harness the exceptional gliding power of our Teflon cleats, engineered to provide the smoothest and most effortless slide on the lanes. Experience unparalleled speed and effortless movement, allowing you to maintain optimal control throughout your delivery.

  2. Felt - Abundance of Slide: Enjoy an abundance of slide with our Felt cleats. Designed to deliver a generous amount of glide, these cleats strike a perfect balance between speed and control. Experience a smooth and consistent slide, enabling you to execute your shots with confidence.

  3. Chrome Leather - Amplify Your Slide: For those seeking an enhanced slide, our Chrome Leather cleats are the ideal choice. With their unique composition, these cleats offer an increased level of slide, empowering you to effortlessly adjust your positioning and deliver the perfect shot.

  4. Deer Skin Leather - Embrace the Normal Slide: Experience a normal slide with our Deer Skin Leather cleats. Crafted from high-quality materials, these cleats provide a reliable and consistent slide that meets the demands of both casual and professional bowlers. Find comfort and reliability in every approach.

  5. Oiled Leather - Fine-tune with Less Slide: Fine-tune your slide with our Oiled Leather cleats. Engineered to offer less slide than other options, these cleats provide a controlled and measured glide, allowing you to fine-tune your footwork and achieve precise shots with ease.

  6. Backskin Leather - Achieve the Least Slide: For bowlers seeking minimal slide, our Backskin Leather cleats deliver the perfect solution. These cleats offer the least amount of slide, providing you with maximum stability and control. Perfect for those who prefer a more controlled and accurate approach.

Experience the freedom to optimize your slide and take your bowling game to new heights with the 3G Replacement Slide Sole Cleats. Unleash your full potential on the lanes with our premium cleat options. Choose your preferred materials, fine-tune your slide, and conquer the pins with confidence. Elevate your bowling experience today!

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Manufacturer Part NumberSP-CLT
ManufacturerGlobal Manufacturing
Units7 Cleats Per Pack
Return period60 days

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3G Replacement Cleats
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