Dexter SST & THE 9 Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels

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  • H1 Sawtooth - Most Brake.
  • H2 Ultra Brakz - Lots of Brake.
  • H2 Leading Edge Heel - More to Average Break.
  • H5 Saw Tooth - Standard Brake.
  • H5 Standard Rubber - Average Brake.
  • H6 Leading Edge Heel - Average to Less Break.
  • H7 Red Leather - Least Brake.

Upgrade Your Bowling Game with Dexter SST & THE 9 Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels

Elevate your bowling performance to a new level of precision and control with the revolutionary Dexter SST & THE 9 Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels. Crafted with unmatched expertise and designed for the modern bowler, these replacement heels are a game-changer on the lanes.

Dexter: Pioneering Excellence Dexter, a trailblazer in bowling innovation, introduced the groundbreaking concept of interchangeable sliding soles and braking heels to adapt seamlessly to diverse lane conditions. Experience the legacy of excellence as you embrace the future of bowling technology.

Perfect Fit for Every Dexter Shoe Our replacement heels are meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with all Dexter bowling shoes featuring interchangeable heels, encompassing both the revered SST and THE 9 series. Elevate your style and functionality with ease.

Tailored Braking Power for Every Approach Discover a range of finely tuned braking options to suit your unique approach style. From the H2 Ultra Brakz, delivering the utmost brake power, to the H7 Red Leather, offering the gentlest brake, we've got your braking needs covered.

  • H1 Sawtooth: Most break available in a Dexter heel.
  • H2 Ultra Brakz: Unleash the pinnacle of braking force, enabling you to command your slide with absolute authority.
  • H2 Leading Edge Heel: Perfectly balanced for a controlled and dependable slide, catering to a more moderate approach.
  • H5 Saw Tooth: Set the standard with reliable and consistent braking power that ensures a smooth slide.
  • H5 Standard Rubber: Strike the ideal balance between control and glide with this trusted choice for average brake.
  • H6 Leading Edge Heel: Fine-tune your approach with this heel, providing an average slide to less brake.
  • H7 Red Leather: For the smoothest glide, this heel offers the least brake, allowing for a graceful slide into position.

Unleash Your Potential Unmatched in quality and performance, our replacement heels are designed to empower you to reach new heights in your bowling journey. Elevate your technique, finesse your approach, and master your slides with Dexter's precision-crafted heels.

Note: Tailoring Excellence To ensure a perfect fit and optimized performance, remember that all heels must be trimmed to fit your Dexter shoes.

Upgrade your game with Dexter SST & THE 9 Replacement Bowling Shoe Heels. Unleash the power of interchangeability and take command of your lane experience. Order now to embrace the future of bowling technology.

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Manufacturer Part NumberPD
ManufacturerH.H. Brown
Return period60 days

Dexter THE 9 & SST Heel Size Chart

Heel SizeU.S. Men's Shoe SizeU.S. Women's Shoe Size
Small: 5 - 12
Medium:6.5 - 9 
Large:9.5 - 15 
One Size:Trim To FitTrim To Fit

*All heels must be trimmed to fit.

Dexter Slide Guide

Find the correct slide sole & heel to match how much slide you are looking for.


Dexter Slide Guide


Find the correct traction sole & heel to match how much traction you are looking for.

Dexter Traction Sole & Heel Chart

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