Motiv Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes

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  • Cleans and removes marks, dirt, lane oil, and grime from bowling ball surface.
  • Compact design fits easily into bowling bag.
  • Resealable pouch.
  • Heavy-duty citrus cleaner.
  • 20 ball wipes per package.

Motiv Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes

Experience the power of cleanliness with Motiv Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes. These wipes are designed to keep your bowling ball in optimal condition, ensuring you achieve peak performance on the lanes.

Key Features:

  • Effective Cleaning: Removes marks, dirt, lane oil, and grime from the bowling ball surface, enhancing its performance.
  • Compact Design: The wipes come in a compact and convenient package that easily fits into your bowling bag, making them a must-have for every bowler.
  • Resealable Pouch: The resealable pouch ensures that the wipes stay fresh and ready to use when needed.
  • Heavy-Duty Citrus Cleaner: Our wipes are infused with a heavy-duty citrus cleaner that tackles even the toughest lane residues.
  • Generous Quantity: Each package contains 20 ball wipes, providing long-lasting value for your bowling ball maintenance needs.

Don't let a dirty bowling ball hold you back. Motiv Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes offer a hassle-free solution to ensure your bowling ball stays in peak condition, helping you achieve better scores with every throw. Add these wipes to your bowling arsenal and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, high-performing ball.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberMTVSBCRW20
Cleaner TypeCleaner
Bottle SizeWipes
Units1 Pack
Return period60 days
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Motiv Response Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes
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