Storm Thumb Tape 500 Piece Bulk Roll Of Insert Tape

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  • White Tape: Textured surface. Thickest tape.
  • Silver Tape: Minimal surface. Medium thickness.
  • Black Tape: Smooth surface. Thinnest tape.
  • Available in: 3/4" or 1" Wide pieces.

Storm Thumb Tape 500 Piece Bulk Roll Of Insert Tape

Storm thumb tape is a bowler's best friend, ensuring a proper fit for your thumb hole. It's incredibly easy to apply and remove, making it a must-have for every bowler. Don't leave home without it!

This bulk roll of thumb tape is packaged in a convenient re-sealable bag, making it easy to keep your tape organized and accessible. Each piece is pre-cut for a perfect fit, saving you time and hassle.

Choose from three different options:

  • White Tape: This tape features a textured surface that significantly improves grip, giving you better control over your bowling ball. Thickest tape.
  • Silver Tape: The silver tape has a minimal surface and is designed to fit between the white and black tape options. Medium thickness.
  • Black Tape: Black tape boasts a smooth surface, providing a comfortable fit for your thumb. Thinnest tape.

You can also select the width that suits your needs:

  • 3/4" Wide Pieces: Ideal for those who prefer a narrower tape.
  • 1" Wide Pieces: Choose this option if you need wider tape for your thumb hole.

With this bulk roll, you get a generous 500 pieces of tape per roll, ensuring you have more than enough to keep your thumb hole in perfect condition.

Invest in Storm Thumb Tape today and experience the difference it makes in your bowling game. Get a proper fit, better grip, and improved performance on the lanes!

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Manufacturer Part NumberAC6
Units500 Piece Roll
Return period60 days
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Storm Thumb Tape 500 Piece Bulk Roll
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