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With over 100 new bowling balls introduced each season, the combinations of cover stock and core technology material used is tremendous. While these advanced materials and construction go a long way in improving performance, they can have adverse effects on grip and release.

Most competitive bowlers have an arsenal of bowling balls suitable to various lane conditions, i.e. oily, dry or combination. Chances are this arsenal includes balls made of different materials making each ball feel different. A common solution to ensure a consistent feel is to use Turbo finger and thumb insert products.

Our Urethane solids give you the comfort and consistency to need to ensure every shot is your best regardless of the type of ball you are using. Turbo was the first to introduce the Urethane Solid and continues to be the only brand made from 100% urethane ensuring you reap maximum benefits. Bowlers prefer solid Urethane because of the consistent feel, smooth release and clean finish. Pro shops prefer them because they are the easiest to cut, carve and finish.

  • 100% urethane, quick release, consistent feel.
  • Pre-sanded outside surface.
  • Hardness 72 (+/- 2) Shore D.

Standard 1 1/8”, 1 1/4” and 1 1/8” solids have 2 5/8” drill depth with center indicator mark.

1 1/2” solid has 3” drill depth with center indicator mark. Ideally used as quick plug when moving or replacing Switch Grip Outer Sleeve hole.

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Manufacturer Part NumberTGSTI
ColorBlk, Wht, Black/White, Blue/Purple, Grn/Red, Org/Yel, Pink/White
Return period60 days
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Turbo Urethane Thumb Slug
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