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  1. Columbia High Speed

    As low as $179.95 Regular Price $184.95
  2. Columbia Atlas

    As low as $169.95 Regular Price $184.95
  3. Columbia Piranha PowerCOR Solid

    As low as $159.95
  4. Columbia Pure Madness

    As low as $159.95
  5. Columbia Cuda PowerCOR Pearl

    As low as $149.95 Regular Price $154.95
  6. Columbia Kaboom

    As low as $144.95
  7. Columbia 300 Viz-A-Ball

    As low as $112.75
  8. Columbia Madness

    As low as $109.95 Regular Price $148.50
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Beginning in 1960 in Ephrata, WA, Columbia Industries was the first manufacturer to successfully use polyester resin ("plastic") in bowling balls. Since then Columbia has risen to the top of the bowling ball world with very notable ball releases and lots of help from professional bowlers who love and support the brand. Some of the best bowlers in the world bowl with Columbia 300 bowling balls. 

Since the Columbia 300 brand has been purchased by Brunswick there have been some notable developments in the looks of the bowling balls. With the all new HK22 resin base material the new Columbia 300 bowling balls are better looking with brighter more vibrant colors. Good thing we have all the Columbia 300 bowling balls for sale right here. Columbia Bowls The World Over.

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