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Drilling Protection Plan

If your new ball cracks while being drilled by a pro shop, will replace your ball free of charge! Manufacturers' warranties typically do not cover for cracking during drilling and drillers are not held responsible for their mistakes or defects in the ball.

*Ball must be purchased from
*Ball must be drilled within 11 days of receiving it (Extended to Feb 1, for purchases made between Black Friday and Christmas).
*Protection must be purchased before the ball is drilled.
*Ball pictures must be sent for inspection and the receipt for drilling charges included also.
*We pay shipping back to you.

Extended Warranty

Valid for 2 full years from date of purchase. Covers manufacturing defects of balls, bags & shoes.

This warranty does not cover incidental costs of replacement including, but not limited to; freight, measuring, and drilling.

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  • Lane Condition: Light To Medium Oil 
  • Coverstock: VTC™ Pearl Reactive
  • Core: Hustle Symmetric Core
  • Finish: Reacta Gloss™
  • Color: Magenta + Midnight
  • Flare: Low-Medium

Looking for a bowling ball that delivers exceptional performance on lighter oil conditions? Look no further than the Roto Grip Hustle M+M Bowling Ball. Built with advanced technologies that cater to bowlers of all skill levels, this ball is a game-changer on the lanes. 

The Hustle series is designed to accommodate everyone, from casual bowlers to Major title winners at the highest level of the sport. With its versatile features and impressive performance, the Hustle M+M offers a specific reaction that perfectly complements your current arsenal on lighter oil conditions. It's also an ideal choice for those who are looking to add their very first ball to their collection. 

At the heart of the Roto Grip Hustle M+M is the renowned Hustle Core. This medium RG (Radius of Gyration), medium differential core design sets a new standard for entry-level performance. Engineered with an overall performance type motion in mind, this core provides exceptional control and stability, exceeding all expectations. In fact, it even made history in 2017 when the Hustle INK, featuring the same core, was used to record the 34th sanctioned 900 in USBC history. It's a testament to the incredible capabilities of the Hustle Core. 

One of the standout features of the Roto Grip Hustle M+M is its Versatile Traction Control (VTC) formula. Specifically formulated for the HP1 and HP2 lines, this technology strikes the perfect balance between durability, consistent performance, and versatility. With VTC, you can expect outstanding control and stability without sacrificing aggression. It's the ultimate solution for those seeking stability and control on the lanes. 

Whether you're a seasoned bowler looking for a reliable ball for lighter oil conditions or a beginner in search of their first ball, the Roto Grip Hustle M+M is the perfect choice. Its exceptional performance, advanced technologies, and versatile traction control make it a must-have for any bowler's arsenal. Experience the power and precision of the Hustle M+M and take your bowling game to new heights. Order yours today and dominate the lanes like never before! 

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberBBMRQA
Performance LevelEntry Level
Lane ConditionLight to Medium Oil
CoverstockVTC™ Pearl
Cover TypePearl Reactive
CoreHustle Core (14-16 lbs)
Light Weight CoreCamber Core (12-13 lbs)
3 Piece Core (10-11 lbs)
Core TypeSymmetric
FinishReacta Gloss™
ColorMagenta + Midnight
RG / DIFF#10 - 2.77 / .015
#11 - 2.73 / .012
#12 - 2.65 / .011
#13 - 2.63 / .009
#14 - 2.55 / .030
#15 - 2.53 / .030
#16 - 2.53 / .030
Recommended CleanerStorm Reacta Clean
Recommended PolishStorm Reacta Gloss™
BrandRoto Grip
Launch DateJune 23, 2023
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Return period60 days
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