Motiv HD Ball Plugging Pump Set

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The only way to accurately make your ball plug mixture is to use the pre-defined pumps. This way you get the exact measurements of resin to hardener. Make your investment last longer with the best plug and pump kit available.

These pumps are pre-calibrated for use with HD and HR ball plugs to dispense the proper 3:1 ratio of resin compound to hardener.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Hardener pump that disperses 1/3 oz. per pump.
  • (1) Resin Compound pump that disperses 1 oz. of resin per pump.
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Manufacturer Part Number1103-05
Units1 Resin Compound Pump
1 Hardener Compound Pump
Return period60 days
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Motiv HD Ball Plugging Pump Set
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