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GUTS: THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ME. I know people call me strange…weird…not normal. Yet do they try to get to know me, the person I am inside? NO! Their feeble minds are incapable of comprehending my complex inner workings – my ingenious Middle Roll 70™ core. But, that’s OK. The less they know, the easier it will be to achieve absolute supremacy on the lanes. 

GRIT: MY LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. When they look at me, all they see is a mass of neon green and white. They have no clue I’m made with the new 61MH™ pearl reactive coverstock to help me ease through the front part of the lane. Their closed minds only give me more power. Unsuspecting idiots. 

GRIME: INSANELY POWERFUL AND IN TOTAL CONTROL. My dominance reigns on lanes with medium-heavy oil. Nothing gives me more pleasure than swooping in and taking my opponents by surprise with my speed and strength at obliterating the pins. So naïve, so sure of themselves, so ready for me to crush their spirits.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number RGD
Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock 61MH Pearl
Cover Type Pearl Reactive
Core Middle Roll 70
Core Type Symmetric
Finish 1500-grit Polished
Color Neon Green Pearl / White Pearl
RG / DIFF #14 - 2.53 / .042
#15 - 2.50 / .043
#16 - 2.50 / .041
Flare 6" (Med-High)
Durometer 73-75 D Rex Scale
Brand Roto Grip
Manufacturer Storm
Launch Date July 23, 2013
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
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