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Building on the huge success of the Intense which brought a whole new ball motion to pearl bowling balls the Intense Fire is stepping up the game with a hybrid coverstock. From the coverstock to the core to the color, and even the fragrance, everything about this new ball is INTENSE! 

During the initial testing of the Intense Fire we tried many different coverstocks that all performed admirably, but R3S Hybrid shined above all else. The Intense was renowned for strong midlane read thanks to its R3S coverstock. We take it a step further by changing gears to a hybrid form. You may also notice a shift in the coloring of the Intense Fire to something never-before-seen that s come from the Utah factory. This ball looks as good as it rolls, too. 

Of course, the Premier badge brings a lot with it besides prestige, and it all starts under the shell. Radial Accelerating Disk (RAD) technology is now in its sixth generation with the RAD-E and earns some of the highest marks on the Professional Bowler s Tour. The E stands for ENERGY as the elongated ellipses near the pin increase the separation of mass as well as the potential energy of this dynamic beast.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberTHF
Lane ConditionMedium to Heavy Oil
CoverstockR3S Hybrid
Cover TypeHybrid Reactive
CoreRAD-E Core (14-16 lbs)
Light Weight CoreTriliptic Core (12-13 lbs)
Core TypeAsymmetric
Finish1500 grit Polished
ColorUltramarine / Persimmon / Black
RG / DIFF#12 - 2.59 / .029
#13 - 2.57 / .032
#14 - 2.53 / .050
#15 - 2.49 / .050
#16 - 2.49 / .050
Mass Bias Strength#15 - 0.017
Flare6" + (High)
Durometer73-75 Rex D-scale
ScentLava Spice
Launch DateJune 15, 2018
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
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Storm Intense Fire
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