Brunswick Quantum Forest Green Solid Bowling Ball

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The new Quantum Forest Green Solid has been designed with 3.5 times more coverstock increasing durability and performance longevity with an amazing pin impact you not only see but hear! Why does more coverstock improve the pin action so much? More coverstock enhances the Coefficient of Restitution which is the ratio of the differences in velocity between two objects before and after a collision. The higher the restitution, the faster the pins will move after being struck by the ball, transferring that increased kinetic energy to the surrounding pins producing greater pin action! 

The combination of our highly popular PK 2016 solid reactive coverstock with our high-density, redesigned Quantum Mushroom core, gives the Quantum Forest Green Solid easy length through the front, with incredible traction in the mid-lane, producing tremendous backend reaction on oily lane conditions. 

The Quantum Forest Green Solid can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for asymmetric core bowling balls. 

Quantum’s patented core design, for controlled dynamic integrity in all weights.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 60-105857-93X
Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock PK 2016 Solid
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Core Quantum Mushroom High RG
Core Type Symmetric
Finish 500 / 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
Color Forest Green Solid
RG / DIFF #14 - 2.665 / .053
#15 - 2.610 / .053
#16 - 2.574 / .053
Brand Brunswick
Manufacturer Brunswick
Launch Date November 1, 2016
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Brunswick Quantum Forest Green Solid
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