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  • This great looking hybrid coverstock beauty will give you “The Look” on conditions that demand a strong backend reaction. 
  • The Look combines a High Rg Asymmetric core with our ever popular S75 Hybrid Coverstock with soaker additive. 
  • "The Look" is finished with a NEAT (4,000 grit) finish. 

“NEAT” is a new Natural Engineered Abrasive Technology that offers both enhanced aesthetics and surface topography on the bowling ball. As opposed to conventional abrasives on the market, “NEAT” has a multi-layer uniformed placement of abrasive structures that allows for superior surface area contact, which yields a more consistent surface across the entire bowling ball. 

900 Global uses a numeric rating system to rate the aggressiveness of it's coverstocks.

(S10 least aggressive - S90 most aggressive)

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 1785-10
Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock S75
Cover Type Hybrid Reactive
Core High RG
Core Type Asymmetric
Finish NEAT - 4000 grit
Color Blue / Orange Hybrid
RG / DIFF #14 - 2.570 / .050
#15 - 2.551 / .050
#16 - 2.534 / .050
Mass Bias Strength 0.017
Flare 5-6"
Ball Reaction Allow bowlers to get in and open up the lane
Brand 900 Global
Manufacturer Global Manufacturing
Launch Date July 2, 2012
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
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The Look
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