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RADICALS first ball in the mid priced market. Ideal for medium to drier lane conditions, it’s the perfect compliment to SLANT PEARL and SLANT SOLID.

TIMES UP sends a message to your opponent that he better bring his “A” game or else. TIMES UP keeps you in the game when the lanes begin to breakdown, added length, stored energy and retained power down the lane make TIMES UP your go to ball.

TIMES UP features the Bull’s-Eye core, this symmetrical core matched with the pearlized cover allows you to open up the lane knowing TIMES UP will get back with more than enough power to send the message to your opponent that HIS TIME IS REALLY UP!!!!

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberRAD003
Lane ConditionLight to Medium Oil
CoverstockReactive Pearl
Cover TypePearl Reactive
CoreBull's-Eye Core (Symmetrical)
Core TypeSymmetric
Finish1500 Polished
ColorBlue Pearl / Purple Pearl
RG / DIFF#14 - 2.551 / .041
#15 - 2.533 / .041
#16 - 2.515 / .041
BrandRadical Bowling
Launch DateJuly 2011
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
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Radical Times Up
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