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Manufacturer's Intent - Track has released the Tour SiC to provide tournament players with a unique offering for a wide range of lane conditions, especially where great backend recovery is needed. 

Core - The i-Core is one of the most unique core designs Track has ever produced.  The symmetric i-Core takes unique to a whole new level, yielding core numbers that have never been produced in a high performing ball.  The drilling possibilities are endless with the i-Core and reaction shapes can be fine tuned in order to create optimal ball reaction for a wide range of styles with this release. 

Cover - The Tour SiC features MR-6 Solid, a mid-response cover that will triumph on medium lane conditions for a wide range of styles. 

Finish - The Tour SiC uses a 500/3000 Abralon® factory finish. This finish will provide moderate traction in the mid-lane and maximizes the strength of the Symmetric i-Core at the breakpoint on medium oil patterns. 

Overall - The Tour SiC will provide bowlers with exceptional backend motion due to the perfect combination of a high RG and low Differential core and a medium response cover. The SiC will provide a reaction shape that has yet to be seen in bowling. Tour SiC Ad

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number29744-0219
Lane ConditionMedium Oil
CoverstockMR-6 Solid
Cover TypeSolid Reactive
Core TypeSymmetric
Finish3000 Abralon
ColorDark Blue
RG / DIFF#12 - 2.60 / .039
#13 - 2.53 / .055
#14 - 2.60 / .038
#15 - 2.59 / .032
#16 - 2.59 / .027
Launch Date2014
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
Track Drill Sheet (306.51 kB)
Track Tour SiC Ad (3.19 MB)
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Track Tour SiC
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