Storm Deluxe Shammy Bowling Towel

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  • Ultimate oil removing pad. 
  • Restores that tacky feel to ensure a strong backend motion. 
  • Works on all types of bowling balls, you can feel the difference. 
  • Use the grey side to clean you ball between shots. 
  • Use the brown side for deeper cleaning at the end of your session. 
  • Deluxe overlock stitching showcases the fine dual leathers. 
  • Easy opening allows hand to fit inside so it functions like a mitt.

Storm Deluxe Shammy Bowling Towel - Ultimate Oil-Removing Tool

The Storm Shammy stands out as the premier oil removing tool in the bowling industry, offering unparalleled performance for maintaining a clean ball and ensuring a consistent reaction shot after shot.

Keeping your ball clean has never been easier. Hand wash the Shammy in a sink when needed and let it air dry for optimal results.

The features of the Storm Deluxe Shammy include:

  • Double-sided leather pad with an inner layer for enhanced absorption and lane performance.
  • Ultimate oil-removing capabilities to restore that tacky feel, ensuring a strong backend motion.
  • Compatible with all types of bowling balls, providing a noticeable difference in performance.
  • Grey side for quick ball cleaning between shots.
  • Brown side for deeper cleaning at the end of your bowling session.
  • Deluxe overlock stitching showcasing the fine craftsmanship of dual leathers.
  • Easy opening design allowing your hand to fit inside, functioning like a mitt for convenient use.

Invest in the Storm Deluxe Shammy Bowling Towel and experience the difference in the cleanliness and performance of your bowling ball. Elevate your game with this essential tool for every bowler.

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Manufacturer Part NumberAC901DLX
Towel StyleLeather Shammy
ColorBrown / Gray
Return period60 days
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Storm Deluxe Shammy
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