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  1. Motiv Crimson Jackal

    As low as $214.95
  2. Motiv Venom ExJ Limited Edition

    As low as $214.95
  3. Motiv Raptor Fury

    As low as $205.95
  4. Motiv Evoke

    As low as $199.95
  5. Motiv Nuclear Forge

    As low as $199.95
  6. Motiv Jackal Ambush

    As low as $194.95 Regular Price $214.95
  7. Motiv VIP ExJ Sigma

    Special Price $189.95 Regular Price $214.95
  8. Motiv Jackal Ghost

    As low as $187.25
  9. Motiv Primal Shock

    As low as $184.95 Regular Price $199.95
  10. Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl

    As low as $184.95
  11. Motiv Forge Ember

    As low as $177.50
  12. Motiv Ripcord Launch

    As low as $174.95 Regular Price $184.95
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In the early 1990's a company was making bowling ball cores for a major bowling ball manufacturer. After the afore mentioned manufacturer moved their operation to Mexico they decided to form Motiv and continue the manufacture of bowling equipment on their own terms. Motiv decided the industry needed something different and they have been providing it. With revolutionary core designs and set in logo designs Motiv continues to reinvent bowling from the ground up. Motiv is the only company to offer full size bowling ball cores in all there bowling balls no matter what the weight is. This is one of the main reasons why we deciedd to offer Motiv bowling balls for sale. See why Motiv nation is so strong, try a Motiv ball today. Made In The USA.

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