Master Giant Puff Ball

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  • Giant size for larger hands. 
  • Fun and functional Puff Ball keeps hands dry and in control. 
  • Provides a better grip for a more effective release. 
  • Made of 100% woven terry velour.
  • Removes moisture quickly with no residue build-up.  

Master Giant Puff Ball

Achieve the Perfect Bowling Grip

Are you tired of struggling with a slippery bowling ball? The Master Giant Puff Ball is here to solve your grip problems. This giant-sized puff ball is designed for larger hands, ensuring a comfortable and effective grip every time you step onto the lane.

Our Puff Ball is not just fun; it's also highly functional. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and hello to a secure grip. Here's why you need the Master Giant Puff Ball:

  • Designed for Larger Hands: The giant size of this puff ball is perfect for bowlers with larger hands, providing a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Keeps Hands Dry: Made of 100% woven terry velour, this puff ball quickly removes moisture from your hands, ensuring they stay dry and in control.
  • Enhances Your Grip: With the Master Giant Puff Ball, you'll experience a better grip, leading to a more effective release of the bowling ball.
  • No Residue Build-up: Unlike other grip enhancers, our puff ball leaves no residue, so you can focus on your game without worrying about a messy buildup on your bowling ball.

Don't let slippery hands hold you back from your best game. Grab the Master Giant Puff Ball and take your bowling performance to the next level. It's time to bowl with confidence and control!

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Manufacturer Part NumberM166L
BrandMaster Industries
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Master Giant Puff Ball
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