KR Strikeforce Slide Stone

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  • Increases your slide
  • Works like Pure Slide Powder but without the mess
  • Long lasting

KR Strikeforce Slide Stone

Experience enhanced sliding performance with the KR Strikeforce Slide Stone. When you need that extra slide, this specially designed stone is your go-to solution. Simply rub it on the bottom of your sliding sole to enjoy increased sliding ability without the mess.

  • Increases Your Slide: Achieve the perfect slide effortlessly, giving you better control over your game.
  • Works Like Pure Slide Powder: Enjoy the benefits of enhanced sliding ability without the inconvenience of a messy application.
  • Long Lasting: The KR Strikeforce Slide Stone is designed for durability, providing a prolonged improvement to your sliding performance.
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Manufacturer Part NumberA098-EA
BrandKR Strikeforce
ManufacturerKR Strikeforce
Return period60 days
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KR Slide Stone
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