Robby's Cool Max Plus Bowling Wrist Support Black

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  • Promotes a proper wrist position. 
  • Produces the ability for more consistent shots. 
  • Extra-long metal inserts maximize wrist and forearm strength. 
  • Designed of cool, moisture wicking breathable materials.

Robby's Cool Max Plus Bowling Wrist Support

Robby's Cool Max Plus combines exceptional design with enhanced functionality, providing you with the ultimate bowling experience. Unlike the Leather Plus wrist support, it incorporates a breathable material, ensuring you stay cool while enjoying superior performance.

Promotes Precision

Experience a proper wrist position that allows for an accurate, precise, and powerful release. This support is crafted to optimize your bowling technique, giving you the edge you need on the lanes.

Consistency is Key

Unlock the ability for more consistent shots, leading to improved overall performance. Robby's Cool Max Plus empowers you to maintain control and precision in every throw, enhancing your bowling game.

Optimal Strength

The extra-long metal inserts in this wrist support maximize both wrist and forearm strength, ensuring an optimal release with every shot. Elevate your game by harnessing the full potential of your physical strength.

Cool and Breathable Design

Crafted with cool, moisture-wicking, breathable materials, Robby's Cool Max Plus ensures you stay comfortable during your game. Focus on your performance without the distraction of discomfort, and let your wrist support enhance your abilities.

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Manufacturer Part Number56-040301
SizeRH - S, M, L & XL
LH - S, M, L & XL
Return period60 days
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Robby's Cool Max Plus
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