Turbo Flexi-Tips For Glue Bottles

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  • Allows precision application.
  • Creates smaller drops.
  • Extends into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Maximum use of bottle contents.
  • 24 pieces per bag.

Turbo Flexi-Tips

Enhance your adhesive application with Turbo Flexi-Tips, the perfect complement to your Zip-45 extended tip. These innovative tips are designed to revolutionize your adhesive experience, ensuring precision, cleanliness, and maximum utilization.

  • Precision Application: Turbo Flexi-Tips allow you to apply adhesive with unmatched precision, ensuring every drop goes exactly where you want it.
  • Smaller Drops: Create smaller, more controlled drops of adhesive, reducing waste and preventing messy dripping.
  • Reach Hard-to-Reach Areas: These tips extend into tight and hard-to-reach spots, making previously challenging applications a breeze.
  • Maximum Use of Contents: Say goodbye to wasted adhesive. Turbo Flexi-Tips help you extract every last drop from the bottle, maximizing value.

Each bag of Turbo Flexi-Tips includes 24 replacement tips, ensuring you have a steady supply for your adhesive needs. Upgrade your adhesive game today with Turbo Flexi-Tips!

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Manufacturer Part Number330100-4
Units24 pcs
Return period60 days
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Turbo Flexi Tips
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