Vise K+ Tape - Kinesio Therapeutic Tape - 20 Pre-Cut Strips

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  • lnfused with Menthol & Tourmaline. 
  • Muscle Pain Relief & Joint Support. 
  • Synthetic Performance Fabric. 
  • Moisture Wicking Breathable Fabric. 
  • Great Elastic Durability. 

Discover the Power of Vise K+ Tape for Ultimate Relief

Experience the incredible benefits of Vise K+ Tape, the revolutionary Kinesio Therapeutic Tape designed to provide you with unparalleled support and relief. This carefully crafted tape is infused with the goodness of menthol and tourmaline, offering a holistic solution for muscle pain and joint support.

Key Features:

  • Menthol Infusion: Feel the soothing coolness as the menthol-infused tape gently eases your muscle discomfort.
  • Tourmaline Boost: The tourmaline infusion promotes better blood circulation, aiding in natural recovery.
  • Muscle Pain Relief: Say goodbye to nagging muscle pain and discomfort with our targeted therapeutic tape.
  • Joint Support: Provides essential reinforcement to your joints, giving you the confidence to move freely.
  • Synthetic Performance Fabric: The synthetic fabric adapts to your movements, ensuring comfort during any activity.
  • Moisture Wicking: Stay dry and comfortable as the moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat at bay.
  • Breathable Comfort: The breathable design prevents overheating, making it suitable for extended wear.
  • Great Elastic Durability: Enjoy the reliable and long-lasting elasticity that supports you day in and day out.

Why Choose Vise K+ Tape?

Our pre-cut strips make application a breeze, while the rounded edges ensure a comfortable fit that won't peel off. The tape is incredibly easy to apply, saving you time and frustration. With a width of 2 inches and a length of 10 inches, each strip offers targeted relief exactly where you need it. Each package contains 20 pre-cut strips, providing you with ample supply for your relief needs.

Experience Long-Lasting Relief

Embrace the power of Vise K+ Tape. Our tape isn't just about immediate relief – it's built to last. Once applied, it stays in place, giving you the support and comfort you need for an extended period. Whether you're an athlete, an active individual, or anyone seeking relief from muscle discomfort, our Kinesio Therapeutic Tape is your ideal companion.

Upgrade your relief game with Vise K+ Tape. Feel the difference today!

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberKPLUSTAPE
Size2" x 10"
Units20 pre-cut strips per box
Return period60 days
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Vise K+ Tape
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