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  1. OTB Cobra Girl

    As low as $144.95
  2. OTB Double Guns

    As low as $144.95
  3. OTB Eyeball Bee

    As low as $144.95
  4. OTB Sacred Heart

    As low as $144.95
  5. OTB Skully Roger

    As low as $144.95
  6. OTB Sugar Gypsy

    As low as $144.95
  7. OTB Tiger Snake

    As low as $144.95
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Tattoo artist James "Danger" Harvey is the owner of Skin Gallery Tattoo in Sacramento, CA and was recently featured on season 3 of Ink Master. He is not particular to any one style of tattooing and finds that his natural talent is proficient in all genres. Reflecting his middle name, Danger tends to live life on the edge as he is trained in the Israeli self-defense system, Krav Maga, an avid motorcyclist, and overall adrenaline addict.
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