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By now you have probably experienced the tireless power of the original Theory™. With the intense Insight™ reactive coverstock and Triliptic™ core, the Theory hit the market and immediately made a huge impact. And with the prior success of the Cell™ series and original Nucleus™ core shape, it was clear that the Theory had some big shoes to fill.

With the solid Insight cover, the Theory created a tremendous amount of hook in oil. In fact, it was borderline criminal! But some bowlers were looking for a smoother glide through the heads with a strong motion through the pocket, so here is where the new Infinite Theory comes into play.

You might recall the new Triliptic core helps the ball get into a roll easier due to the additional contours and elongation of the ellipses within the shape of the weight block. The Infinite Theory's triple elliptical shape creates consistent axis migration and predictable ball motion, a must for consistency.

Consider as well the resilient outer core which minimizes the energy absorption upon impact at the pins. What this means to you is that you are now getting more energy transfer from the ball to the pins, increasing your pin movement which ultimately results in more strikes.

In addition, the innovative Insight™ coverstock has expanded surface roughness while the Infinite Theory's hybrid blend gives you added versatility. The Infinite Theory comes highly polished to float effortlessly through the heads, but with just touch of Abralon® you will also reap the benefits of a solid.

Roto Grip – it's all about the ATTITUDE.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberRIT
Lane ConditionMedium to Heavy Oil
CoverstockInsight Hybrid
Cover TypeHybrid Reactive
CoreTriliptic Core
Core TypeAsymmetric
Finish1500 Polish
ColorRed Pearl / Silver Pearl / Black
RG / DIFF#14 - 2.54 / .049
#15 - 2.49 / .058
#16 - 2.49 / .051
Mass Bias Strength.013
Durometer73 - 75 Rex D-scale
BrandRoto Grip
Launch DateFebruary 16, 2011
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
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Infinite Theory
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