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The Rattler strikes, and strikes, and strikes again. With a ball reaction like a snake attacking its prey, the Rattler uncoils and drives hard and fast through the backend with a vicious attack. The Rattler provides unmatched reaction at the performance price point. Don't be caught without one in your bag. 

The Rattler is the first ball with Activator coverstock available at the performance price point. The original Activator coverstock used on the Rattler is a proven formula that provides strong downlane recovery, longevity of ball reaction, and unprecedented durability with superior resistance to cracking. 

The Rattler uses Brunswick’s Multi-Sided Rocket Core System, providing a low RG core that when combined with the original Activator produces a ball reaction that is unmatched at the performance price point. Clean through the front with an aggressive move at the breakpoint, the Rattler gives amazing bang for the buck. There isn't another ball in this class that's even close. 

The Rattler is finished with Brunswick's Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to maximize the skid-snap reaction out of the box. This surface preparation will allow most bowlers to match-up to both freshly oiled and moderately broken down house conditions. 

Out of the Box: With its high gloss polish surface, the Rattler matches up well on most house conditions. 

When Dulled: The Rattler’s hooking action will increase and its arc will become more even, creating a better match-up for medium-oily lane conditions and for smoothing over/under reactions seen that are sometimes encountered on wet/dry lane conditions. 

The Rattler can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for two-piece balls, see the drilling instructions link below for reaction characteristics and layout details. The Rattler is surfaced with Brunswick's Factory Finish High Gloss Polish which increases its skid-snap characteristics. Shiny surface finishes can sometimes skid too long, resulting in reduced backend reaction and hitting powers. To increase traction, roughen the surface with Brunswick's Factory Finish Rough Buff.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number60-104976-93X
Lane ConditionMedium Oil
Cover TypePearl Reactive
Core TypeSymmetric
FinishHigh Gloss Polish
ColorIndigo Pearl / Ivory
RG / DIFF#14 - 2.567 / .043
#15 - 2.552 / .044
#16 - 2.539 / .043
Backend110 out of 235
Ball ReactionMatches up well on most house conditions
Launch Date2009
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
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Brunswick Rattler
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