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The SLANT HD is a more dynamic version of the original Slant.

We have managed to increase the differential while still maintaining the original RG and Mid differential. This increased differential opens up a new dimension of performance for the Slant Line. By increasing the differential from .045 to .054 the performance spectrum has gotten wider, meaning the lower rg drillings (pin closer to the axis) roll up sooner and arc and the higher rg drillings (pin away from the axis) store energy longer and flip, basically we have created a wider range of drilling patterns.

This plus the SOAKER cover stock has allowed SLANT HD to rev harder and be more angular down the lane. Ideal on Medium to Medium Heavy lane conditions.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberRAD007
Lane ConditionMedium to Heavy Oil
CoverstockSoaker Pearl
Cover TypePearl Reactive
CoreBooster Core
Core TypeAsymmetric
Finish1500 Abralon then Polished
ColorMidnight Blue / Light Blue
RG / DIFF#14 - 2.49 / .054
#15 - 2.47 / .054
#16 - 2.46 / .052
Mass Bias Strength.025
BrandRadical Bowling
Launch DateJuly 6, 2012
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
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