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Reliability and performance best describe the new Street Rods™ from Storm®. On the outside, these beauties feature the Reactor™ coverstock, true beyond any doubt to give reliable motion on today's demanding lane patterns. But beauty is more than just skin deep! 

Inside you'll find a muscular modified 2-piece Turbine™ power plant. By chopping the mass and adding a flip block on the bottom, we dropped the RG and raised the entry angle. The result – massive backend and 0-60 feet with tenpins flat!

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Manufacturer Part NumberTOP
Lane ConditionLight to Medium Oil
CoverstockReactor Pearl
Cover TypePearl Reactive
Core TypeSymmetric
Finish1500 grit Polished
ColorRed Pearl/Blue Pearl
RG / DIFF2.55 / .038
Flare3-4" (Med)
Durometer74-76 Rex D-scale
Recommended CleanerStorm Reacta Shine
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
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Storm Street Rod Pearl
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