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True Motion is exactly what you get from our exciting new urethane release. We literally dusted off our old files and are pouring the exact urethane blend from the Rhino line circa 1988. 

The True Motion utilizes the same core as the Magnitude 035 with the addition of DynamiCore and enhances the smooth predictability bowlers require of a urethane ball. 

This is true urethane and this is True Motion.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number60-105987-93X
Lane ConditionMedium Oil
CoverstockTrue Urethane
Cover TypeUrethane
CoreMagnitude 035 Low Diff Symmetric (14-16 lbs)
Light Weight CoreGeneric - Light Bulb Core (12-13 lbs)
Core TypeSymmetric
Finish500 / 1000 Siaair Pad
RG / DIFF#15 - 2.521 / .035
Launch DateNovember 14, 2017
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Item ReturnsSorry, the item can't be returned
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Brunswick True Motion
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