3G Cut To Fit Replacement Slide Sole Solid

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  • #2 Felt - Most Slide.
  • #3 Chrome Leather - More Slide.
  • #4 Deer Skin Leather - Normal Slide.
  • #5 Oiled Leather - Less Slide.
  • #6 Backskin Leather - Least Slide.

Enhance Your Slide Game!

Upgrade your bowling shoes with the 3G Cut To Fit Replacement Slide Sole Solid, designed to revolutionize your bowling experience. These top-of-the-line slide soles provide exceptional performance and can be easily tailored to fit your shoe perfectly. Say goodbye to inconsistent slides and hello to precision and control on the lanes!

Our rectangular-shaped slide soles offer superior versatility, allowing you to customize the fit to match your unique needs. With our comprehensive guide, selecting the ideal sole for your situation has never been easier. Choose from a range of slide intensities, each carefully engineered to maximize your performance:

#2 Felt - Experience the ultimate slide! The #2 Felt slide sole provides the most effortless glide, allowing you to achieve exceptional speeds on the approach. Perfect for professional bowlers or those seeking an ultra-smooth slide.

#3 Chrome Leather - Take your slide to the next level! The #3 Chrome Leather slide sole offers a balance of slide and control, providing an ideal option for intermediate to advanced bowlers. Enjoy enhanced stability and accuracy without compromising on slide performance.

#4 Deer Skin Leather - Enjoy a reliable and consistent slide. The #4 Deer Skin Leather slide sole delivers a normal slide, catering to bowlers of various skill levels. It strikes the perfect equilibrium between control and slide, ensuring a seamless transition from approach to release.

#5 Oiled Leather - Control your slide with finesse! The #5 Oiled Leather slide sole offers a reduced slide, providing greater control and precision on the approach. Ideal for bowlers who prefer a more controlled and deliberate slide.

#6 Backskin Leather - Master your approach with ultimate precision! The #6 Backskin Leather slide sole offers the least slide, perfect for bowlers who prioritize accuracy over speed. Maintain optimum control and make those crucial spares with ease.

Upgrade your bowling game with confidence, knowing that these 3G Cut To Fit Replacement Slide Soles Solid are crafted from high-quality materials and built to last. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and performance.

Don't settle for anything less than perfection on the lanes. Invest in the 3G Cut To Fit Replacement Slide Sole Solid today and take your bowling performance to new heights. Customize, improve, and dominate your game like never before!

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberSP-SS
ManufacturerGlobal Manufacturing
Size5" x 7"
ColorBlack, Cream, Tan, Brown or Orange
Return period60 days

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3G Slide Sole Solid
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