Motiv Black Venom Bowling Ball

Ship Date: 3/29/2023

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Drilling Protection Plan

If your new ball cracks while being drilled by a pro shop, will replace your ball free of charge! Manufacturers' warranties typically do not cover for cracking during drilling and drillers are not held responsible for their mistakes or defects in the ball.

*Ball must be purchased from
*Ball must be drilled within 11 days of receiving it (Extended to Feb 1, for purchases made between Black Friday and Christmas).
*Protection must be purchased before the ball is drilled.
*Ball pictures must be sent for inspection and the receipt for drilling charges included also.
*We pay shipping back to you.

Extended Warranty

Valid for 2 full years from date of purchase. Covers manufacturing defects of balls, bags & shoes.

This warranty does not cover incidental costs of replacement including, but not limited to; freight, measuring, and drilling.

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Introducing the Black Venom™, a bold upgrade to the already incredible Venom™ line. This uncompromising new addition takes the Turmoil™ cover formulation from the highly decorated Venom™ Shock and gives it even bigger teeth with the new Turmoil™ MXC cover. Pairing this strong, solid cover with the Gear™ APG asymmetric core creates earlier read and more traction when attacking light-medium oil lane conditions.

The Turmoil™ cover formulation found on the Venom™ Shock has been the gold standard for benchmark performance since the Venom™ Shock’s release nine years ago. However, increasing oil volumes over the years has made the Venom™ Shock appear more angular in the opinion of most bowlers. The upgraded Turmoil™ MXC cover increases bite and provides the Black Venom™ with increased traction in the oil and a smoother motion on the lane.

The Gear™ APG core found in the Black Venom™ is a uniquely low RG / low differential asymmetric core. Originally developed to combat the loss of weight holes in sanctioned play, the Gear™ APG provides performance beyond its price point and versatility in drilling that allows bowlers to create many shapes with just one core.

Speed Dominant Bowlers - For bowlers who have always wanted a Venom™, but the previous releases have been too weak or condition specific, the Black Venom™ is ideal. The Black Venom™ is a modern adaptation of the original Venom™ Shock, meaning that it is now stronger and smoother. This should make the Black Venom™ the perfect Venom™ for people too speed dominant for its predecessors.

Balanced Bowlers - Bowlers with balanced speed to rev rate ratios will find incredible versatility from the Black Venom™. As in the Venom™ Shock, the real magic in the Black Venom™ is the ability to use it on a multitude of conditions and from shallow to steep angles.

Rev Dominant Bowlers - The Black Venom™ is the ideal benchmark ball for a rev dominant bowler. All bowlers need a ball to use as a lane reader that is right in the middle of their arsenal and can be used on most conditions. The moderate strength Turmoil™ MXC paired with such a low differential (.036) in the Gear™ APG is perfect for Rev Dominant bowlers.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberMTVBVMDRK
Performance LevelMid Performance
Lane ConditionLight to Medium Oil
CoverstockLeverage™ MFS Solid
Cover TypeSolid Reactive
CoreGear™ APG Asymmetric
Core TypeAsymmetric
Finish4000 Grit LSS
RG / DIFF / ASY#12 - 2.67 / .040 / .007
#13 - 2.60 / .055 / .009
#14 - 2.56 / .054 / .012
#15 - 2.55 / .050 / .013
#16 - 2.54 / .049 / .011
Ball ReactionStrong and smooth lane motion
Recommended CleanerMotiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
Launch DateMarch 22, 2023
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Return period60 days
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Motiv Black Venom
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